wire top carry cage, vet carrier, blue & black

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Product Description

sturdy wire top carry cage, vet carrier with handle

This pet carrier suits an adult, full sized cat, a puppy, small dog, a rabbit, guinea pig or a parrot or similar sized animal.

Sturdy, black wiring keeps even boisterous animals in check for the duration of the transport, for example to the veterinarian clinic. The dark blue, plastic base is easy to clean (hose and wipe).

The cage conveniently opens from the top and is locked with 2 independently operated, spring loaded locking mechanisms. Pull back the locks and the hinged top folds to the side. In case an animal cannot be easily lifted out from the top, the wire enclosure can be lifted off the base, separating base and wire top. To this end undo the 4 clips, which fasten the wire to the base, and lift the pins of the wire top out of their holding at the base.

A handle at the top makes for an easy carry and the wire lets in plenty of air and gives a good view of the environment, particularly helpful for claustrophobic animals.

Additional information

Weight 2.125 kg
Dimensions 43 × 32.8 × 10.3 cm

Assembled dimensions

Weight (kg)1.75
Length (cm)43
Width (cm)31
Height (cm)35


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