Puppy Training Pads, 30 pack

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Product Description

30 pack house training pads for puppies to learn where to wee.

Did you know this training pad soaks up several times more fluid than a puppy can hold? This awesome training pad for puppies soaks up 500ml! In other words: this 30-pack of training pads will do the trick for big dog puppies too.

How does it work?
At 60 x 60 cm there is even enough wriggling room for the untrained puppy to take a step or two in need to find juuuust the right spot on the pad. To help attract the puppy, the pad is scented with pheromones. Most puppies can be helped with house training this way.
On the technical side, 3 functional layers work together:

  • top: non-woven, bonded material stops urine spread and directs fluids down
  • middle: absorbent layer
  • bottom & sides: plastic backing with sealed edges help to prevent leakages and protect the floor


Good luck and no more accidents 🙂

Additional information

Weight 1.568 kg
Dimensions 28 × 20.2 × 16.2 cm

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