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OTTO INTERNAL FILTER PF200N for fish tanks.

OTTO INTERNAL FILTER PF200N for fish tanks with 2 filter cups and air bubble inlet.
Each model features a different impeller size and motor strength. The PF-200 suits tanks from 45l+ to ~90l.

Otto PF internal filters are built for reliability and are simple to use.

A customisable filter: extra filter units can be added, such as sponge or ceramic filter units. At the same time individual parts can be replaced individually: impeller, sponge, sponge holder and various small parts attached to the main filter housing.

This tank filter is fully insulated and requires mains power supply, with a socket suited to fit a standard Australian mains 220V, 10amp plug.

Additional information

Weight 0.55 kg
Dimensions 23.2 × 12.4 × 7.3 cm

Assembled dimensions

Weight (g)500
Length (cm)10
Width (cm)8
Height (cm)23


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