Axolotl Sinking Pellets 5mm disc, 80g jar

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Axolotl pellets 80g jar

Axolotl Sinking Pellets 5mm disc, 80g jar. These are a high quality, small, sinking pellet for carnivores, perfect for keeping axolotls healthy and happy. 42% protein.

How to feed:
Best hand-fed and being held by long tweezers with a small, round tip. Gently wiggle the tweezers’ tip in front of the Axolotl. They say: ‘Never bite the hand that feeds you.’ Be prepared. Axolotls defy that saying’s logic. They snap at their food and whatever holds it like a spring trap. Letting go is not their hallmark. Watch your Axolotl’s body language. There is a very subtle shift in body tension and posture right before the snap. Unless you are a dab hand at Axolotl feeding, it could take a 2-3 goes to open the tweezers at the right moment. Relax. You’ll get there. I did too 🙂

Always remove excess food from the aquarium.

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